Our new clinic of Kinesiology

Dr Catherine Fyans has been a medial practitioner for many years and currently works as an ‘Integrative’, or ‘holistic’, GP.

She has a long standing interest in ‘mind-body’ medicine, particularly in the subconscious influences on physical and psychological health.

Her interests led her to also study a number of alternative’ healing practices including Kinesiology. She enjoys having a ‘foot in both worlds ‘as this has given her an insight into the spectrum of health care practices and health care consumer demands.

She takes a holistic approach to health care, incorporating education/ counselling and natural and complementary therapies with conventional medicine.

To know a bit more about her specialty, please watch this video of her presentation about “mind – body medicine”.

To book an appointment with her, please contact “Elite Medical Centre” directly on 03 5911 7014.