Annual seasonal influenza vaccination is recommended for any person aged 6 months and over who wishes to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with influenza.

For work place flu vaccination click here.

We’ll start our Flu vaccine clinic on Friday 15th March for Private vaccines. It’s only $20 per person.


Q. What is influenza?

A. Influenza is a viral infection, caused by influenza virus types A, B or C. The virus is transmitted by virus-containing aerosols produced by coughing, sneezing or by direct contact with respiratory secretions.

Immunisations should especially be considered for those in more high-risk groups.

Q. Why should I get the vaccine?

A. The flu vaccine stimulates the immunity to make antibodies, which fight the influenza virus. Once you are vaccinated, when you encounter the virus, your body will be better prepared to get rid of it, which helps prevent getting the flu complications such as Pneumonia.

Q. When should I get the vaccine?

A. The best time is Autumn before the flu season starts.

Q. How do I book my flu shot?

A. That’s very simple.

  • There’s no waiting time
  • your consult will be bulk billed
  • takes about 10 min

Q. Who is eligible for Flu vaccine program (government funded) in 2019?

A. A portion of our influenza vaccine stock should be pre-allocated to about mid-April 2019.

  • All children aged six months to less than five years – Victorian government funded
  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged from six months
  • All adults aged ≥65 years
  • All people aged ≥six months who have certain medical conditions which increase the risk of influenza disease complications; for example, severe asthma, lung or heart disease, low immunity or diabetes
  • Pregnant women (during any stage of pregnancy).

Q. How soon can I get the private vaccine?

A. We’ll start our flu vaccine on Friday 15th March. You can call our practice or book online here.

Q.How much does it cost?

A. You will pay $20 for private vaccine.