If you are told you have a skin cancer, ask…?

We almost all have been to our GPs or Skin Cancer Doctors asking to look at a spot or skin lesions. When you are told that you are having a skin cancer, well that’s a bit of shock! then what!?

We have some suggestions for you in order to not missing anything in your treatment:

  • We suggest you seeing a Dermatologist or skin cancer physician who is accredited by skin cancer college of Australasia.
  • When you’re given some information regards to treatment options, make sure that you understand the meaning of medical terminology. Don’t be shy of asking your practitioner what that means.

You can locate a doctor  near your place and contact them directly. All our skin cancer doctors are highly trained and experienced in skin cancer management.

Once you get your skin cancer looked after by some surgical or nonsurgical treatments, you should ask these important questions from your practitioner:

� What type of skin cancer do I have (is it a common BCC or SCC or is it a potentially serious melanoma)?

� How advanced is the skin cancer?

� Do I need treatment immediately?

� What are the treatment options and the benefits and risks of the treatment options?

� What sun protection is required? Ask about skin cancer prevention.

� What follow-up is required?

� What costs are involved? Ask how much each procedure will cost and how much you will get back through Medicare. If you are in a private health fund, check first if any of these procedures are covered by your plan.

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